About Us

At Wholesome Soybean, we are devoted to spreading compassion and strive to inspire conscious everyday choices. We bring our goals to life through raising awareness about the impact of what we consume and by creating apparel which reflects our passion for taking care of our planet. We take pride in our commitment to creating all of our products ethically and using environmentally friendly methods.

made with love

We believe in treating others with compassion. That’s why we choose to never use sweatshops and opt for vegan and earth-friendly materials. Our originally designed products intend to spread a positive message and spark conversations. We hope that like-minded individuals like you will feel inspired and wear them with pride.

Giving Back

We dedicate 15% of our proceeds to fellow vegan activists and organizations who are working hard to help people, animals, and our planet.


Wholesome Soybean started as a vegan food blog back in 2015, as a result of my passion for plant-based cooking and showing others how easy and delicious it can be.

 As I now focus more of my time and energy on creating apparel and spreading awareness, I leave the recipes up for you to use and enjoy. 

♥ Sophie