Giving Back

At Wholesome Soybean, we dedicate 15% of our proceeds to fellow activists, organizations, and passionate individuals who are working hard to help people, animals, and our planet.

Below are the individuals and organizations we support.

Sammantha Fisher

A passionate, hardworking, and incredibly talented animal liberation activist.

Sammantha travels to animal sanctuaries around the world providing free photography services which help promote & raise funds for sanctuaries. Along with that, she photographs at slaughterhouses, feedlots, shelters, wildlife rescues, and anywhere else that will raise awareness for animals.

To support Sammantha’s activism directly, click here.

Open Eyes

Awareness campaign that promotes the truth about our earth and informs the public of solutions to help. Our donations enable Open Eyes to post billboards across the United States educating people on ways to save our earth.

To support Open Eyes directly, click here.

A Well-Fed World

A hunger relief and animal protection organization. In addition to advocacy, A Well-Fed World works through their partnership network to distribute vegan food to people in need, build food gardens in low-income communities, and strengthen farm animal rescue.

To donate to A Well-Fed World directly, click here.


Any vegan activists or organizations you know of that are in need of support?

We would love to know!

Contact us here.