On a mission to spread compassion & inspire conscious food choices.

We stand for something bigger.

Wholesome Soybean is a vegan lifestyle & apparel brand dedicated to spreading compassion & raising awareness about the impact of our food choices. We are here to be a voice for the animals, help our environment, and inspire others to take action.

Our products feature original hand-drawn designs  by  Sophie, which were created to spread a positive message & spark meaningful conversation. With every order, we send along important information about the impact of our food choices. 

*Image on left by animal rights activist & photographer Samantha Fisher







Ethically Made

Hand-Printed Locally

Recycled Packaging

How it's made, matters. 

We believe in treating ALL being with compassion. That's why our apparel is made ethically, and sourced from WRAP CERTIFIED companies. Our products are screen-printed here in Ventura County at a small home-based print shop. We take pride in our commitment to using eco-friendly, recycled packaging. 


Founder, Owner, Designer

Hey friends! I'm Sophie, the founder/CEO at Wholesome Soybean (on the right)!  When I learned about the vegan lifestyle back in 2015, I became deeply passionate about educating others about how our food choices  impact the environment, animals, and our health. 

I created this brand in late 2017 to raise awareness about the serious impact of our food choices. I create every design with the intention  to spread an powerful message in a positive way. My hope is that these graphics will spark meaningful conversations about important issues as we go through our everyday lives. With every order, I also include important information about making conscious food choices!

Living vegan is all about taking care of our planet, health,  and treating ALL beings with compassion!

Cheers to planting seeds of compassion everywhere we go!

Peace & blessings to all,





Wholesome Soybean started as a vegan food blog back in 2015, as a result of my passion for plant-based cooking & showing others how easy, inexpensive, & delicious it can be. As I now focus more on creating ethical vegan apparel & raising awareness for animals & our planet, I leave the recipes up for you to use & enjoy!